With the current ownership stretching back more than 35 years, Majesty Yachts has been able to draw on its stable history and consistency of vision to create a shipyard that delivers dedication and commitment to every yacht and superyacht it builds.


The continuous investment in engineering and innovative technology has achieved major advances in delivering world-class experience. To bring about such a unique vessel, the engineering application is an era of long standing methodology.


This dedication and commitment is what drives the team at Majesty Yachts every day to build vessels that reflects true craftsmanship and attention to detail. The final result is truly a piece of art.

Majesty Yachts along with Sovereign Super Yachts is open minded and 100% willing to work with the super yacht community to assist all our clients into getting the super yacht of their dreams.

Majesty Yachts decided to expand a second Super Yacht location in Stuart.  Our Majesty Super Yacht Center will encompass our Lauderdale Marine Center location and be the Mega Yacht Hub for Majesty Yachts.


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